Corporate Governance

HannStar's highest governance organizations are the shareholder-elected the Board. The duty of the Board is to ensure corporate operations adhere to government laws and regulations, avoid conflicts of interests, and oversee overall corporate operations and environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) performance.  HannStar achieves steady development by convening the Board at least seven times a year. We have also established an Audit Committee to monitor the Board and corporate operations in accordance with law. Our Board directors and management team all possess the expertise required for business, legal, financial, accounting, and corporate matters,and they meet the basic requirements for avoiding conflicts of interests. HannStar's independent and nonindependent directors are nominated and elected in accordance with the Company Act and the Securities and Exchange Act.
Title Name Positions of concurrent company and other companies
Chairman Yu-Chi Chiao Chairman and president of HannStar Display Corp.;Legal director representative of HannsTouch  Solution Inc. and Legal chairman representative of Huali Investment Corp.;Director of Hannspirit (BVI) Holding Ltd.、Brightpro Resources Limited and Hannspree International Holding Ltd.
Director Walsin Lihwa Corp. Diretor of Winbond Electronics Corp.、Walton technology Corp.、Walsin technology Corp.、HannStar Display Corp.
Director Wei-Xin Ma Chairman of HannsTouch  Solution Inc.; Legal chairman representative of Golden Apple Investment Corp., Glorystone Inc., and Yuema No.1 investment Corp. ; Director of HannStar Display Corp., Walsin Lihwa Corp.、and Winbond Electronics Corp.
Director Cynthia Wu Vice  president of Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.; CEO of Shin Kong Life  Foundation; Director of Shin Kong  Wu Hu Su Memorial Hospital; Director of Shin Hai Gas Co., Ltd.; Director of Taiwan Chamber of  Commerce & Industry;General Organizer of the Shin Kong Talent Cultivation Project of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Independent director Hsin-Che Chao Independent director of TSRC Corp. and NAFCO
Independent director Lu-Yun Sun None
Independent director Ching-Shan Hung Independent director of Yuanta Securities Co.,Ltd. 、Yuanta Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd. and  Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd.;Supervisor of Starlux Airlines Co.,Ltd.;Chairman of Ching Shan Financial Consultancy Co.,Ltd.
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