The communication status between the company and various stakeholders had reported at the third meeting of the ninth session of the board of directors on November 4, 2021.
Stakeholders Related topics (to consider) Responding department / Window Suggested objects Type / Number of people Communication path (frequency)
  • Anti-corruption
  • Anti-competition behavior
  • Legal compliance
  • Customer health and safety
  • Marketing communication
  • Labeling of products and services
  • Customer privacy
  • Panel and Touch, Sales and Marketing Center
  • Panel and Touch, Sales and Bussiness Management Center
  • Touch Marketing Business Center
  • Quality Management Center
  • Innovative Product Center
Existing customers Questionnaire / Conducted by customers' contact window
  1. Questionnaire (yearly)
  2. Customer service mailbox (irregular)
  3. Customer satisfaction survey (yearly)
  4. Sales representatives visit customers (irregularly)
  • Child labor employment
  • Forced labour
  • Free Association and Collective Agreement
  • Discrimination issues
  • Human rights appealing mechanism, labor relations
  • Local labor rights
  • Job Training
  • Working condition appealing mechanism
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Administration Center
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Business centers
  • Quality Management Center
  • System and Innovatve Product Center
  • Other related centers
All direct and indirect personnel (regardless of gender) Questionnaire survey / Conducted by employees of various departments
  1. General Manager Mailbox (anytime)
  2. Management and Labor Council (quarterly)
  3. Staff meeting (irregular)
  • Economic Performance
  • Purchasing policy
  • Market status
  • Accounting Center
  • Business center
  • Administration center
General shareholders, corporate shareholders Questionnaire survey/investors/financial institutions
  1. Annual General Shareholders' Meeting
  2. Announcement (anytime)
  3. Investor question zone (anytime)
  4. Company spokesperson
  • Legal compliance
  • Supplier community (impact) assessment
  • Anti-corruption
  • Anti-competition behavior
  • Occupational Safety Office
  • Administration Center
  • Quality Management Center
Nearby factories, residents, tourists Questionnaire/ conducted by different factories
  1. Parents-children campaigns (irregular)
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility question zone (anytime)
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Raw material
  • Supplier environmental assessment
  • Emission
  • Sewage and waste
  • Energy
  • Water resources
  • Products and services
  • Transportation
  • Quality Management Center
  • Logistics Center
  • Administration centre
Suppliers, contractors Questionnaire / Filled out by each supplier
  1. Regular or irregular information survey
  2. Contractor meeting (including bid opening, irregular)
  3. Supplier/contractor audit (every six months) and interview (irregular)
Customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers
  • Suggestions and complaints
  • Auditing Office
All stakeholders Dedicated external communication mailbox Stakeholder communication platform

Stakeholder contact window
Corporate Social Responsibility
Employee Relations
Customer service
Vendor Service
Investor Service Justin Chien 02-5555-0077 Ext.1523
Stock Office Address: 8th Floor, No. 398, Xingshan Road, Neihu District, Taipei 114
Phone: (02)2790-5885
Suggestions and complaints mailbox Stakeholder communication platform
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