Automatic check
In order to protect the safety and health of the company and all employees, and to ensure that all mechanical equipment, facilities, alarms, and fire-fighting facilities maintain normal functions, the company actively promotes automatic inspections and effectively prevents occupational disasters by discovering potential hazards. . HannStar's automatic inspection items include elevators, boilers, forklifter, automatically guided vehicles, stationary cranes, electrical equipment with high/low voltage, pressure vessels, specific equipment with high-pressure gas, specialized chemical/chemical equipment, local exhaust facilities and various inspecting points for hazardous operations, etc..

Security Education and Training
HannStar have a very complete education and training system. In terms of occupational safety, health and environmental protection, various training courses are scheduled every year. The purpose is to enhance employees' awareness of safety, health and environmental protection, and thereby reduce occupational disasters. Related courses include:
  • New personnel training: 3-hour basic training in occupational safety and health and environmental protection.
  • Liberal Studies Course on Hazard: introduce the characteristics and usage principles of hazardous substances (3 hours).
  • Special operation personnel training: training for special/general operation personnel, dangerous machinery and equipment operators, operation supervisors, etc..
  • Training of dedicated personnel: training for dedicated personnel related to environmental protection.
  • Emergency response training: including training and drills.

Working environment measurement
In order to provide employees with a safe and hygienic working environment, the company conducts regular working environment measurements for organic solvents, specific chemical substances, dust, carbon dioxide, lead, lighting and noise every six months. The current measurement results report are all normal. The results of each measurement are published on the public bulletin board.

Hazardous Materials Management
HannStar focus on four key points in the management of hazardous materials:
  • Labeling: All chemicals and storage areas on site must provide Chinese labels.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Suppliers are required to provide MSDS in Chinese, which are placed in the on-site ERT cabinet and published on the public bulletin board for employees to check at any time.
  • Substance list establishment: It is updated every year. When chemicals are changed, the substance list is also updated and a chemical list database for the entire plant is established.
  • Chemical storage/usage safety: Formulate storage and usage related regulations, and conduct a general survey of chemicals in the whole plant once a year, that is, implement spot checks from time to time.

Emergency planning
  • Regularly implement ERT personnel training 6 times/year.
  • Regularly implement ERT retraining twice a month.
  • Regularly implement fire alarm, chemical, gas leakage and other situation drills 12 times a year.
  • Regularly implement advanced firefighting training twice a year. Irregular drills and evacuation drills without warning.
  • Regularly implement in-plant alarm training and on-site inspections twice a year.
  • Regularly implement ERT competition once a year.

Health promotion
Health examination
  • General physical examination for newcomers
  • Special physical examination for newcomers
  • Annual health check: Implement employee health examination in accordance with health risk management
  • In addition to the items prescribed by laws and regulations, the check items are accompanied by various related screening checks.
General medical care
  • Set up infirmary and breastfeeding room and offer nurses in the factory and doctors in service.
  • Treatment of symptoms and injuries
  • Medical consultation
  • Physician service in the factory
Health management
  • Tracking management of various cases of abnormal physical examination and health examination
  • Tracking management of chronic disease cases
  • Work injury case tracking management
  • Medical treatment and consulting case tracking management
  • Food environmental hygiene audit and health management of group meal personnel
  • Employee health analysis and management
  • Reply and follow-up of health consultation mailbox
  • Epidemic monitoring of infectious diseases and preparation of epidemic prevention materials
  • Self-management and tracking of health of personnel returning to Taiwan and abnormal management
Health promotion activities The infirmary organizes various activities and makes many different themes on a regular or irregular basis to enhance employees’ awareness and attention to health, such as:
  • Health activities: blood pressure measurement service, mother classroom, blood donation activity, Pap smear, breast self-examination, on-the-job health care education, etc.
  • Annual health promotion projects: physical fitness testing, weight loss class and smoking cessation class, etc.
  • Propaganda: Internet, toilet and poster propaganda.
Establishment of emergency rescue system
and personnel training
  • Training of emergency personnel is held irregularly.
  • Make a first-aid manual.
  • Contact and maintain the emergency medical network.
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